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This site ist based on my travel impressions and photos. They are supplied with various data - from geography to cookery.

The site consists of three Domains - Visiting, Map and Photos.

Visiting represents notes to the photos, as well as reflections. They are splittet to avoid scrolling, but can be also displayed as one page (click "one page" in Settings).

Photos are pictures from Visiting, but without text. It is a kind of photo album with a direct link to the corresponding text.
Photo album can also be reached from Visiting via "photos" in Settings.

Domain Map visualizes countries and cities beeing represented with texts and offers some data about them (source - Wikipedia). "Go to" makes possible a jump to a text, city or country.

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An overview of the site

I intend, to permanently extend the text stock - both with new vacations and recalling the old ones.

All photos (not the maps) are copyrighted and may not be used without permission.

Vitali Chkebelski
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Contact: info at visiting-city dot eu

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Population - 732 m.
Area - 10,5 m. qkm
States - 46
Cities (m.)
- Moscow (10,4)
- Istanbul (10,0)
- London (7,4)
- St. Petersburg (4,8)
- Berlin (3,4)
- Madrid (3,1)
- Kiev (2,7)
- Rome (2,6)
- Paris (2,1)
- Bucharest (1,9)
- Hamburg (1,7)
- Minsk (1,7)
- Budapest (1,7)
- Warsaw (1,7)
- Vienna (1,7)
- Barcelona (1,6)