Visiting European City - Brussels

Brabant Lace - Brussels, Belgium

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Grand Place

Grand Place

Brussels, Brussels - what do you think of in saying so? Meetings, committees, resolutions et cetera. The city of the European Union and NATO. European policy.

We travel to Brussels, however, not for this reason. The reason for this trip was the El Greco exhibition (april 2010). Well, to be honest - our expectations were not completely satisfied.

But at least we could see the El Greco's works from the Spanish collections that we might never visit ...


Café "La Chaloupe d'Or"

What else is Brussels known for, except that it hosts since 1959 the European Economic Community?

The capital of the historical Duchy of Brabant, the city is associated primarily with Mechlin lace and tapestries.

Southern part of Brabant is in Belgium, northern - in the Netherlands. In North Brabant is spoken Flemish, in South (Belgian) Brabant is divided into Flemish language part and Walloon language part. And Brussels is a bilingual city.

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The houses on the Grand Plac:

- King of Spain
- Wheelbarrow
- Bag
- She-Wolf
- Horn
- Fox
 | Town hall
- Star
- Swan
- Golden Tree
- Rose
- Mount Tabor
 | House of Dukes of Brabant
- Deer
- Josef and Anna
- Angel
- Mole
- Golden Boat
- Pigeon
- The Small Bedroom of Amman
 | House of King
- Hill
- Peacock
- Little Fox
- Oak
- St. Barbara
- Donkey