Visiting European City - Venice

Canal Grande - Venice, Italy

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Canal Grande At The San-Marco Place

Canal Grande At The San-Marco Place

It is generally known that if you travel to Venice you should arrive it from the sea side.

San Marco Place On The Map

San Marco Place On The Map

Only then you get the strongest immpression of this surprising city, "a gold dovecote at water" according to Akhmatowa.

We did it actually that way before - by vaporetto we came directly to the San Marco place.
This time (September 2006) we came from the other side and have decided to drive by the vaporetto along the Canal Grande.

Gondolas On The Canal

Gondolas On The Canal

The Canal Grande is not really a channel in the strict sense of the word. It is not a digged channel, but a natural deep waterway between Venetian islands.

It is 3.8 km long and between 30 and 70 metres wide. Palaces of the nobility are mainly situated along the banks.

Economical vaporettos, expensive boats and very expensive gondolas run back and forth tirelessly along the Canal Grande. It is the main arterial road in the city.

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Famous Venetians:

- Antonio Vivaldi
- Giovanni Bellini
- Tintoretto
- Tiepolo
- Carlo Goldoni
- Carlo Gozzi
- Marco Polo
- Canaletto
- Titian