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The Fall In Höchst - Frankfurt, Germany

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Main Embankment

Main Embankment

We live in a town that has already existed since the 8th century. You must imagine it. The time of Charlemagne (Charles the Great), who expanded the Frankish Kingdom into a Frankish Empire and became Imperator of the Roman Empire of the West.

In fact, "existed" means that the contemporary name of the town "Höchst" was already mentioned in the 8th century as "Hostat".

The place is in reality much older. It is certain that already at the beginning of the common era Roman legions were quartered here.

Höchst has been a district of Frankfurt since 1928. Now thanks to its historical character you find a story about Höchst in any of Frankfurt’s city travel quides.

The Höchst Castle

The Höchst Castle

For more than thousand years Höchst has belonged to the archbishop province of Mainz.
Even the dialect of Höchst is close to that of Mainz than to the neighbouring dialect of Frankfurt.
Also, Höchst used to be a Catholic town till the end of 19th century - in contrast to the Protestant Frankfurt.

The Höchst Castle was founded in 12th century as a customs fortress of the archbishop. Today it is still the symbol of Höchst.

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Culinary specialities:

- Apfelwein
- Bethmännchen
- Frankfurter Kranz
- Frankfurter Rindswurst
- Rippchen mit Kraut
- Frankfurter Würstchen
- Frankfurter Grüne Soße
- Haddekuche
- Handkäs mit Musik