Visiting European City - Paris

Rue de Rivoli - Paris, France

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View from Pont des Arts

View from Pont des Arts

End of May 2007, we traveled for a short time to Paris.

Institut de France

Institut de France

It was not our first (and hopefully not last) visit to the city. The city, which has always attracted me with its special romantic, literary and artistic aura.

On this day we were all the way pursued by the rain. Therefore, our walk with the camera through the city was not entirely successful. But still one should try to make the most of a situation even by this weather.
From the Latin Quarter, we crossed the bridge Pont des Arts to the right bank of the Seine, towards the Rue de Rivoli.

The Arcades of Rue de Rivoli

The Arcades of Rue de Rivoli

The Arcades of Rue de Rivoli are ideally suited to take a walk through the city in the rain. Moreover, the street itself is very interesting and its sights and history of.

Napoleon, being in 1801 the First Consul of the French Republic, ordered to build a street parallel to the Seine on the model of Place des Vosges. A few years later came the first section of the famous arcades along the northern wing of the Louvre. (The North Wing, however, did not yet exist.)
Rue de Rivoli was named in honor of the Napoleon's victory against the Austrians in 1797 at the battle of Rivoli near Verona in Italy.

At the Rivoli reside the Hôtel de Ville (Paris City Hall) an the famous Saint-Jacques Tower - all that remained of the Gothic church of Saint-Jacques-la-Boucherie. Herefrom the pilgrims once went off on the "Way of St. James" to Santiago de Compostela.

A large number of shops, including the famous department store La Samaritaine, also make Rivoli very interesting for shopping tourists.

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Selected paintings in Musée d’Orsay:

Claude Monet:

- Le déjeuner sur l'herbe
- Le pont d'Argenteuil
- Nymphéas bleus
- Argenteuil
- Champs de tulipes en Hollande
- Régates à Argenteuil
- La cathédrale de Rouen

Pierre Auguste Renoir:

- La liseuse
- Grand nu
- Richard Wagner
- Ode aux fleurs
- Nu
- Jeune femme nue en buste
- Nu couché, vu de dos
- La toilette: femme se peignant
- Odalisque dormant
- Madame Georges Charpentier

Edgar Degas:

- Danseuses
- La sortie du bain
- Deux danseuses au repos
- Femme se coiffant
- Deux baigneuses sur l'herbe
- Ballet
- Fin d'arabesque