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Siena colour - Siena, Italy

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Roots of Siena

Roots of Siena

We were already several times in Italy including Tuscany for vacations, but we couldn't visit Siena.

Vicolo del Forcone

Vicolo del Forcone

This city of ochre color (there is even pigment "sienna" named after italian "Terra di Siena"), which is located southward from Florence, has preserved its medieval image and is home to a lot of artworks.

Not least because of this we have chosen as a resort the Chianti region. Siena, a fairytale town that lies on three hills, was finally a one hour drive away from us and we could unhurriedly explore the city.

Duomo of Siena

Duomo of Siena

We went several times to Siena from Greve, the town where we lived. One of the trips we have completely dedicated to the cathedral of Siena, which is worth a separate story.

Siena's Cathedral (Duomo) revealed a mixture of Romanesque (lower part) and Gothic architecture (upper part, facade). This special blend of styles gives it a special charm and makes him one of the most interesting churches in Italy.
1229 the cathedral was begun to build and the construction lasted over 150 years. The architects succeeded each other. Everyone left, of course, part of his personality and style in the architecture of the cathedral.

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Contrade of Siena:

Terzo di Citta:

- Eagle
- Snail
- Wave
- Panther
- Forest
- Tortoise

Terzo di San Martino:

- Little Owl
- Unicorn
- Seashell
- Valley of the Ram
- Tower

Terzo di Camollia:

- Caterpillar
- Dragon
- Giraffe
- Crested Porcupine
- She-Wolf
- Goose