Visiting European City - Stockholm

Beauty on Water - Stockholm, Sweden

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A View from the Skeppsholmen Island

A View from the Skeppsholmen Island

We thought about a trip to Stockholm already in 2006 when we were looking for an interesting travel destination for our "silver" wedding day. At that time, Vienna "won our internal competition". But now, in August, 2007 it was Stockholm's turn.

Seeking for the information about Stockholm I came across the following characterization of the city: "The Venice of the North" (beside Stockholm, this description also applies to St. Petersburg and Amsterdam), "The Capital of Scandinavia" (also Copenhagen and Oslo are called so), "The Pearl of Scandinavia", "Nordic Cocktail" (to emphasize the cooling effect on the traveller), "Beauty on Water" and "City That Floats on the Water" (Selma Lagerlöf).

Stortorget Square

Stortorget Square

In my opinion the last two epithets are the most telling ones. However, "The Venice of the North" is fits either. Stockholm is surrounded with water not for a smaller but, perhaps, even bigger part than Venice - the city which also "floats". But the impression of the combination of buildings and water is somewhat different here - it is quite unique.

Having grown up in St. Petersburg, we often imagined that we are there again. However, as I already mentioned, the water in Stockholm covers noticeably more area than it does in St. Petersburg.

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Famous people of Stockholm:

- singer, musician and ABBA-member Benny Andersson,
- poet Carl Michael Bellman,
- field marshall Erik Jonsson Dahlberg,
- discoverer Sven Hedin,
- actress Greta Garbo,
- children book writer Barbro Lindgren,
- chemist, engineer and innovator, Alfred Nobel,
- poet H. C. Nordenflycht,
- Prime Minister (twice) of Sweden Olof Palme,
- racing driver Keke Rosberg,
- composer, pianist and conductor Wilhelm Stenhammar,
- writer, playwright, and painter August Strindberg.